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Maureen Dumont Kelly is the mother of Charlie’s Angels actress Minka Kelly. Recently she talked on Cosmopolitan about her late mother and this is some brief biography and pictures of Maureen Dumont Kelly.

Maureen Dumont Kelly died on December 4, 2008 when she lost her battle to colon cancer at age 51, her daughter actress Minka was by her side just as she probably always will be. Maureen met and felt excited about former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, who joined the group inside 80’s as a replacement for Brad Whitford.

Mauren Dumont Kelly was given birth to on December 20th, 1956 in Whittier, California. She gave birth to her daughter on June 24th, 1980 in Usually are, California. Maureen and Rick didn’t stay together her daughter once said she grew up by Maureen her father wasn’t around however wasn’t as they didn’t have to but because her mother had to live her lifetime ion the fast lane. Maureen and Minka moved frequently until they settle in Albuquerque, New Mexico where her boyfriend worked selling tamales on his car.

Just last year when Kelly was selected Sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine she spoke about her several unusual jobs her mother had, the only she did the vast majority of her lifetime was obviously a a exotic dancer a stripper she said, caused by her schedule Maureen would waked her up having the night time to spend trips to market, or how she’d asked her to skip school and day her..

“My mom lived a rapid life. It absolutely was information about instead, what we could do in order to have fun with nothing. She – for the majority of of playing, she was really a dancer. A very beautiful dancer. She became a stripper. Um, so she would return at like three, four o’clock in the am, and they often she would enjoy a cheap night, therefore she would wake me up part way through the night time and we’d visit Ralphs and go grocery shopping. And that also was enjoyable. We’d have whole retailer to ourselves, in which we might have a lot of fun and get a hundred dollars in groceries. Therefore it was just the best quality day ever. The best day.”

There are numerous pictures below, per of which you’ll find Maureen Dumont Kelly and her stunning and charismatic daughter

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