Message From Tengku Muhammad Fakhry

Here are Message From Tengku Muhammad Fakhry To Manohara Odelia Pinot :

“Dearest baby Nyo Nyo, the fact of the matter is this, pls analyze n listen to it carefully. it is super noble n thoughtful of u for always thinking n trying to help ur mum n for that, the Almighty will reward u with the highest pahala, that i am sure, HOWEVER, PLS UNDERSTAND THIS…On this matter, what u intend to do will only hurt n break the hearts of the exact people that love n care for u so very much-ur mom, Dewi n me. I know that this is not what u want to happen, but this is exactly what will happen if u decide to continue. Pls be fair n kind to all of us. We can always plan to do this n that in the real world, it is not that simple. Also pls realize that exactly because i care n love u way too much. that is y i have to strongly disagree n object to things that i c u wanna do that i believe r wrong. We will never let u down n will always be ther for u. so Pls don’t also let us down n pls always b there for us as well. SWe all love u, we all need u n we all miss the real u.”

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Posted by on April 30, 2009

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