Michael Jackson Died

Michael Jackson, who also known as King of Pop for several decades, died on Thursday U.S. time (early morning Friday ) in the age to 50, as cited on Los Angeles Times.

“King of Pop Michael Jackson announced dead by the doctor this afternoon after arriving at a hospital in a coma weight, so the authorities in this town to The Times,”

Jacko was found suffering from pain in his house and didn’t breathe when diagnosed by the paramedic. They immediately took him to a hospital. Apparently, he was having a heart attack.

In the report, TMZ reported that Michael Jackson exposed heart attack Thursday afternoon at her home in the Holmby Hills where paramedics can not afford help.

“We are told when paramedics found Jackson stopped throbbing heart and never breathe again.”

Previously, the Los Angeles Times reported that the singer was to have a hospital in Los Angeles by paramedics, the emergency department. Newspapers reported that paramedics provide artificial respiration to the canary in the house before being taken to Hospital UCLA Medical Center.

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