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Michaela Garecht missing picture is here. The police are currently looking into the kidnapping of two girls that have stories like Jaycee Dugard. Michaela (right in photo) was 9 years old in 1988 when she was kidnapped, only 30 miles from Philip Garrido house.

Michaela’s mother told CNN in an interview, that a week before she was kidnapped her daughter wrote a poem about people who were kidnapped and being held captive. In this case, she hope that her daughter is still live and sound. According to her, Michaela was kidnapped in a supermarket parking lot.

Ilene Misheloff (left in photo) was 13 when she disappeared in 1989, about 165 miles southwest of the Dugard’s home. According to CNN, police in the San Francisco area are looking into other kidnapping cases to see if they may be linked as well.

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