Midnight Sun Twilight Saga 5th Book

Midnight Sun is the Twilight Saga 5th book from the famous novel author Stephenie Meyer. Based on the website, the author claimed that there are some irresponsible internet users have been illegally posted her partial draft of Midnight Sun without permission of her publisher. This incident has upset her and maybe she’s going to stop Twilight Saga novels entirely. That would be a disaster for Twilight fans out there.

She added that now she stopped writing (pausing?) Twilight and focus on spending more time with her family and other writing projects. After illegally posted on the Internet, she released it for her fans who want read the Midnight Sun draft on her site. You can download it here.

Midnight Sun is supposed to be Edward’s version of Twilight, so it would written from his prespective. The first chapter of Midnight Sun tells about when Edward first met Bella at Forks High School (which is now available to download here). Stephenie also mentioned that Edward’s version is much longer than Bella’s, because he over-thinks everything.

Is there going to be another series, named Midnight Moon? We’ll see about that pretty soon.

Gallery Midnight Sun Twilight Saga 5th Book - Midnight Sun Draft Chapter 13-24

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