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Minka Kelly pics can be seen just below. Minka Dumont Kelly was born June 24, 1980. She is an American actress and now best known as a New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter’s girlfriend since 2008.

Minka was born in LA, California. She is the daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and Maureen Kelly, a former Vegas showgirl. Minka Kelly began pursuing acting as her career after her first acting class in surgical technician school after graduating from high school. She became successful and continue her career with movies and shows, such as State’s Evidence and TV program What I Like About You.

Friday Night Lights show was a big success for her, where she played as Lyla Garrity. The New York Times calling her performance “heartbreaking”. Just below are some of Minka Kelly pics for all of her fans.

Gallery Minka Kelly Pics - Maureen Dumont Kelly

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