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  • Full Name : Chameria Happy Pramita
  • Nick Name : Mitha
  • Celebrity Name : Mitha The Virgin | Mitha The Rock Indonesia
  • Place of Birth : Jakarta
  • Date of Birth :  January 2, 1986
  • Hobby : Do everything
  • Mother Name : Emmy Sofyana
  • Last Education : SMA (Senior High School)
  • Favorite Food : Bakso
  • Favorite Band : Muse
  • Favorite Music : All of music
  • Position : Guitar | Vocal
  • Grup Band : The Rock Indonesia Band | The Virgin Band
  • Mitha’s Song : Lagu Cinta Terlarang | Lagu Belahan Jiwa

Christawati Haryati Paramitha or more famous called Mitha The Virgin was born in Jakarta on January 2,  1986. She is a girl but her style as like as a boy.

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