Nellie McKay and Doris Day

Nellie McKay released her fourth studio album, Normal as Blueberry Pie – A Tribute to Doris Day on Verve Records. The new album consists of twelve songs. Barnes and Noble booksellers also feature an exclusive edition, packaged with a bonus track “I Want To Be Happy”. Even iTunes also have an exclusive edition with bonus track, “I’ll Never Smile Again.”

Nellie McKay is famous for her unique songs, mastering different genres from jazz to rap and disco to funk. She puts together an upbeat collection of American standard songs with eclectic for “Normal as Blueberry Pie”. Sometimes her songs have a political tinge. She also a vocal feminists who wrote a song related to feminist issues called “Mother of Pearl” – she’s a true artist.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Nellie McKay stated,

“From a woman’s perspective, Ms. Day says a lot about her times as a popular icon that reconciled the conflicting ideas of what women ‘should’ be – the quest for love and fulfillment as homemaker and wife.”

Nellie McKay celebrates her birthday on April 13, while Doris Day on April 3. Doris Day was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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