Nicolas Cage Arrested in New Orleans

Nicolas Cage, the actor who starred in dozens of films, thrown into the prison police in New Orleans, some time ago. He was charged with partaking in domestic violence and disturbing the peace by participating the controversy along with his spouse, Alice Kim, in The French Quarter.

“Cage is adamant his spouse that he confirmed the house is the home they’d rented. Cage pulled over his wife’s arm and pulled him to indicate the actual house address. However there is no damage on his spouse’s arm, “mentioned a member of the police.

After the quarrel, the Nicolas Cage hurry trying to get into the taxi. Police who were on site instantly understand that Cage was drinking heavily, then instantly ordered out of the cab. Lastly, the officer took Cage to deal with arrest after shouting prematurely by Cage. He’s scheduled to appear in court on May 31. If you are wondering how Alice Kim photos look like, just browse her sexy pics gallery below.

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