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Niken Anjani starting her career in entertainment world as a video clip model, such as in SAMSONS “penghujung muda” and NINE BALL “hingga akhir waktu”. Beside her job as a video clip model, Niken Anjani also plays on a national movies like “KAWIN KONTRAK” and “DO (drop out)”. Not only video clip model, movies, but Niken Anjani also plays on a drama TV “ANDRA CARI CINTA”.

-Niken Anjani Biodata | Niken Anjani Biography-
Full Name : Niken Anjani
Nick name : Niken Anjani
Date of Birth: Jakarta, August 18, 1987
Zodiac : Leo
Height : 170 cm
Last Education : The London School University, Jakarta, Majoring in Public Relations.


* Aku bukan Cinderella
* Andra Cari Cinta


* Kawin Kontrak
* DO (Drop Out)


* Samsons (penghujung muda)
* Nine Ball (hingga akhir waktu)


* Bank International Indonesia

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