Nine Inch Nails Released Their 1989 Album

Rather than releasing a new album, Nine Inch Nails band have a bigger project for them. The band used to be called NIN will re-release their 1989 album.

The album “Pretty Hate Machine” has been re-mastered. The album will be released on 22 November. Lead vocal Trent Reznor helped by voice styling Tom Baker for higher quality of voice.

“I went into the studio with Tom Baker and in-remastered for extraordinary experience,” said Trenz reported by NME, on Tuesday (10/26/2010).

Packaging album wll be updated by Rob Sheridan. NIN really want to package this album as a new masterpiece like it was first released.

The album “Pretty Hate Machine” features “Get Down, Make Love” belong to Queen. The song had previously been hit in 1990.

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