Omer Bhatti Mother

Omer Bhatti mother, as mentioned in many sources is Pia Bhatti. As this is not final, just a speculation because Omer, a Norwegian dancer, is rumored to be Michael Jackson’s love child. He was sat between Jackson’s father, Joe, and the singer’s sisters and brothers at the star-studded July 7 farewell at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Omer Bhatti who performs under the stage name O-Bee, is rumored to be the result of a one-night stand Jackson had with his mother, Pia Bhatti, in 1984.

Well, related or not with Michael Jackson, we should see this clearly in the near future, just ask him to dance instead of DNA test. We have gathered some Omer Bhatti pictures for you, even with Michael Jackson himself. Enjoy!

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