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Relationships of love between Pasha Ungu and Alyssa Subandono actually is clearly legible by the public. Although the camera never caught along the way to an event and also there is no statement from them, but they attitude are provide answers.

However, lips kiss videos is actually the third time the action Pasha and Alyssa Kissing in front of Public. If we go back to kiss scenes between they are, it can be in the order as such,

1. When Ungu concert in Central Sarbini, Alyssa gives a bouquet to the Pasha, and thanks as Pasha Ungu kissed the left cheek and right Alyssa Soebandono.
2. When Ungu Band created a Video Clip of their newest single entitled ‘Hampa Hatiku‘, with Alisa Soebandono in the trust model as the video clip. If the wacth, that seems a kiss scene between the Pasha and Allysa Subandono.
3. And the last, Pasha and Alissa Kissed Videos that recorded in a camera phone this time the middle as if all outstanding question that is now circulating in the community.

So what of the three scenes mentioned above, Pasha Ungu and Alyssa still compact to covered the special relationship between them?

Gallery Pasha And Alyssa Soebandono Photos - Biodata Pasha

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