Philippe Padieu Sexual Story on Oprah

Philippe Padieu sexual story was on the Oprah Show Wednesday. He was known for infecting five women that was on the interview on Oprah with the deadly HIV. The five women spoke on Oprah was just a few of them, and they believe that there may be dozens of more women that were infected. They wanted to make other people know their story about sexual relationship with Philippe Padieu, so if they did have the kind of relationship with him to get tested on the lab.

On the show, many women that Oprah interviewed said that they went with Philippe Padieu, 53 to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. When Padieu came out of the building, he looked them straight in the eye and said negative. None of the women asked to see the test results.

One of the women, Diane Reeve, 58 was able to gather the phone records of Philippe Padieu and contacted 23-26 women who then confirmed that they have slept with him. Some of these women were tested and came out positive.

Philippe Padieu was sentenced to 45 years in prison in May of 2009 with six counts of aggravated assualt with a deadly weapon, and won’t be eligible for parole for 22 years. Padieu will then be in his 70s. Philippe Padieu has appealed his conviction.

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