Rihanna and Bono Sing for Haitian Relief

Alongside with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Bono also plays part to sing for Haitian relief efforts during “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” in London on Friday, January 22.

The beautiful performance was held at The Hospital, where they joined other celebrities including Jay-Z, The Edge and Coldplay.

George Clooney apparently as main host on the show said

“That’s it … just first and foremost that we can raise a lot of money. If I thought that we could all pick up shovels and go in there and not be in the way, I think a lot of people would do that.”

For those of you who kind enough to be a part on the Haitian relief, you can make your donation at HopeForHaitiNow.org, or by phone (877) 99-HAITI, or by texting “GIVE” to 50555 or by mail to Hope for Haiti Now Fund, Entertainment Industry Foundation, 1201 West 5th St., Suite T-700, Los Angeles, CA, 90017.

Hope your kind donation will be able to relief Haitian fellow.

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