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Riley Cooper is a Florida Gators football player, which received number 11. You might already know this guy, because in 2008 he always appeared in every game for the Gators, starting all except in Hawaii and Florida State.

Riley Thomas Cooper was born on September 9, 1987 in Oklahoma City. He is the son of Larry and Monica Cooper. The sport was a blessing gift on the family, since his father also played baseball at Oklahoma State. Not just his father, her sister, Lindsey was selected in the 2006 MLB Draft, but then decided to attend college. Riley goes fishing and hunting in his spare time for hobby. Why did he chose Florida? Because he thought Florida has solid football and baseball programs.

This young handsome man have created impressive stats over 37 games with 13 starts. He has registered nine touchdowns on just 30 receptions, averaging over 17 yards per reception and has a long catch of 59 yards. What’s more, he scored 6 touchdowns in three games during 2007 season. Riley Cooper has gone many sport interview, and his appearance on public made he much more famous, not because he has got good stats, but he also popular among girls because of the cute face he’s got. Because of this, many has search for Riley Cooper pics and photos, not just when he was scoring touchdown, but also when he has long hair or even when he was not using any clothes or shirtless. Well, here’s goes some picture of Riley Cooper for you.

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