Rose McGowan and Twitter Stalker

Rose McGowan is famous on Twitter, that’s why she attracts so much people to follow her daily tweets. A connecticut man who has been a twitter stalker to the celebrity has been given probation for harassing the Charmed star actress. According to court records, Louis Santo, a 36-year old man has been stalking, express his love and called her personal cellphone.

Celebrities have been using Twitter to seek publicity by expressing anything that happens in their daily life, but they’re good enough to self destruct themselves with the 140 characters. We’ve seen battles over twitter before this, such as when Twitter has become battlefield between Perez Hilton and Demi Moore. Very often, celebrities jeopardize their public image with their lack of emotion management and temper tantrums.

Emotional behavior was the key to Twitter management. Twitter itself was meant to be used by a closed team of developers when it was started in 2006. But when it was gaining popularity in 2007, Twitter was made public and made popular because of the simplicity and can connect your friends with support to gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. It is not a harmful service, but many people are wrongly using it to insult or abuse others. For celebrities, this service is a great free publicity for their latest movies, songs, albums or even to gain popularity status.

Twitter is a great way to connect with celebrities like Rose McGowan, by reading updates from celebrities, we short of feeling like a paparazzi. But that makes celebrities more like human and real for the rest of us because they are not “untouchables” anymore.

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