Ryan D’Masiv And Ayu Hastari Photos

Ayu Hastari is a presenter Reality Show Mak Comblang SCTV and actress on soup opera Food Court SCTV which also become active be a presenter on Inbox SCTV. She claim to be so very happy to close friend with vocalist D’Masiv Band, Rian Ekky Pradipta or more famous called Ryan D’Masiv. She also has even introduce him to her parents.

“The first time I know Ryan is in the time in Jogja on shooting Inbox SCTV. Formerly I do not know what d Masiv are. What is a good band or bad. But what a lot of what the music is good, many people like. Finally I try to hear their music and I think it’s so fun, interst. After that acquaintance, we give handphone number, and we are friend now.”

Here are Rian D’Masiv And Ayu Hastari Photos for you :)

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Posted by on April 27, 2009

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