Sandra Bullock is Divorcing Jesse James

Not very surprising, a news about Sandra Bullock is divorcing Jesse James after the cheating scandals erupted two weeks ago. While she was being silent, fans are eager to know whether she would stay or go. But now it is become clear that the actress has decided to divorce Jesse James, according to sources. Although this has yet to be confirmed, but no wonder that she would actually take this action because of more and more women are claiming to have affair with Jesse James.

According to a source,

“Sandra is humiliated and feels that her entire marriage was one big lie.”

After the scandal had revealed, Sandra moved out of the home. A source also said that she would lay low and would not announced it publicity.

“She’s had enough,”
“She’s ending the marriage.”

Sandra has not been appeared in public since Michelle Bombshell news was appeared.


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Posted by on March 31, 2010

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