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Sexpo show girls in Sexpo Australia 2009 – Sexpo: Sexuality and Adult Lifestyle Fair is definitely going to attract many people to the expo. Sexpo boasts international performers in all aspects of adult entertainment. Sexpo isn’t only about SEX, it is about adult lifestyles and sexuality.

The Australian company is also planning its first London show in 2011, as well as a partnership in the United States, the Independent newspaper reported in London.

“We’ve had our best year ever and it’s been probably the worst economic year since the early 1990s,” general manager Rob Godwin says.

Four shows in Australia and three in South Africa would attract a total of 300,000 people this year, and the show would expand to New Zealand in 2010.

Tens of thousands of fans packed Sexpo’s recent Sydney fair, attracted by nude showgirls writhing in simulated ecstasy, big-name porn stars “and of course there’s Pricasso, the artist who paints with his penis and buttocks”.

Sexpo ALSO features strip poker, lap-dancing, and a surf simulator where customers can ride a board naked and win their height in beer and porn. Then there’s the peep show and the throw-the-dildo competition. Sexpo even has roving mascots, such as Penisaurus and Tittysaurus.

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