Shandy Aulia And Sunil Soraya

Shandy Aulia finally open the card of her love story. Previously, she have always disputed her special relationship with Sunil, son of Producer Raam Soraya Intercine Film. In her private birthday party at a restaurant in the Central Jakarta, recently, Shandi Aulia and Sunil Soraya have kissed. Now, she already can’t disputed again. ;)

“Yes, it’s walk in the step with God,”

Elsye, Sandy Aulia mom’s, also admitted that her daughter falling in love with Sunil Soraya. :)

“If I see, they are happy. I just pray and support them,”

Here are Shandy Aulia And Sunil Soraya Photos for you :)

Gallery Shandy Aulia And Sunil Soraya - Soraya Intercine Film

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Posted by on June 28, 2009

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