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Sharona Fleming was performed by Bitty Schram in Monk. She plays an important role as Adrian Monk’s former personal assistant and nurse. She brought a calming influence that helped Monk by offering her hand. Sharona Fleming-Howe is not a real person, instead she is just a character played by Bitty Schram, who by the way is hot. This character has earned an award-winning in the series of Monk. In the show, Sharona is a nurse who has been divorced. She is a single mother and lived in New Jersey with a young son named Benjy.

On the other hand, Adrian Monk was a detective working for San Fransisco Police Department. The career was ended when Trudy, his wife was killed in a parking garage in a car. She was exploded along with the bomb. Monk was believed that the bomb was intended for him. He was then discovered that her death was a part of a big conspiracy because she was covering something when she was being a journalist. Sharona plays a great role because Adrian Monk has many mental disorders and phobias although he was an excellent detective who can always solve cases.

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