Shawn Johnson Dead?

Shawn Johnson Dead? This rumor circulated around the web and said that the olympic gold medal gymnast is already dead. This is a sick death hoax. After Eminem, Lil Wayne, Emma Watson, Matt Damon, and now this? What happened with these people who spread hoax like somekind of virus? Actually, many websites are reported to be spreading virus. So you must be aware of this and plug your antivirus right away when surfing the web.

The Johnson family said they were amused after they heard that Shawn was dead. Well, weird may it sound but considering the lackluster ways of rumors, one can’t be amused by the death of his/ her beloved.

Sick enough, no other details were provided about Shawn Johnson death. Some other source said that she had broken leg or even euthanized. That is not true.

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Posted by on September 11, 2009

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