Shelley Long is Jay’s ex-wife on Modern Family

Shelley Long is guest starring on tonight’s episode of Modern Family, one of the best new comedies of this year. Long is playing the unstable ex-wife of Jay (Ed O’Neill).

According to Hollywood Reporter, Benjamin Bratt signed on to play Javier Delgado, the ex-husband of Jay’s new wife, Gloria Delgado-Prtichett (Sofia Vergara).

It’s good to see Long returning to the sitcom world, especially on Modern Family. Long got her education in comedy at Chicago’s Second City.

Bratt will be a great addition, too. Gloria has often bragged about her ex, about his passion, his daring, often shaming Jay in the process. Bratt will fit that role perfectly, and I’m looking forward to seeing him and O’Neill spar onscreen. Jay has been a reluctant step father to Manny, who clearly idolizes his biological father, even though he’s mostly absent and in one episode, failed to pick up his son and take him on a promised trip to Disney World. They’ve set up a lot to explore with that family dynamic.

Elizabeth Banks is also set to guest star on an episode as a friend of Cameron and Mitchell’s. Another good choice for a show that’s made a lot of good choices so far.

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