Sinna Sherina Munaf

Sinna Sherina Munaf is young entertainment. She was more famous with Petualangan Sherina The Movie. Sherina Sexy is a Japanese freak. She likes Anime, Naruto, and all things Japanese, including Japanese men! Derby Romero’s best friend, also really loves Wang Lee Hom, a Taiwanese American musician who went to Berklee College of Music

Fun facts about Sherina Munaf :

  • Sherina likes to eat bread with cucumber and chili sauce.
  • Sinna Sherina Munaf is obsessed with rice.
  • Sinna Sherina is scared of flies and lizards.
  • If  Sherina Munaf gets really excited about something, she gets a stomachache and has to head straight to the bathroom.

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Gallery Sinna Sherina Munaf - Biodata Sherina Munaf

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