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Stephanie Birkitt pics below. She gained popularity after Robert J. Halderman threatened to make public the details of the affair of Letterman & Stephanie if he was not paid $2 million.

According to Extra, Stephanie Birkitt and Robert J. Halderman had a relationship. It is unclear whether or not Halderman and Birkitt were still “involved” when David Letterman’s affair occurred.

Stephanie Birkitt is an attractive young woman, smart and talented as well. She was born in Bplymouth, New Hampshire. She graduated from Wake Forest University in 1997 with a major in history and a minor in communication. Her younger brother Johnny is a field producer on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars…Birkett went on to the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City beginning in 2005 and passed the Connecticut bar exam in February 2009 –

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