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Susan Estrich was born on 16th of December 1952 in Lynn, Massachusetts. She is known as a famous professor and Fox News’s political commentator. Lately Susan Estrich was rumored to have plastic surgery, especially on face lifts and many people can’t recognize her anymore after the operation. Well, this doesn’t mean that she is a man though.

Other than being commentator, Susan Estrich is also an excellent columnist where she work for NewsMax to write articles in order to express her strong feminist voice. She is also listed on the USA Today’s Board of Editorial Contributors.

Susan Estrich wrote the following lines,

“Now, you can’t keep telling me that health care is the biggest economic issue — 1/6 of our economy and all that — and then turn around and say there’s not enough of a connection to interstate commerce to require 20-year-olds to have insurance. I can introduce you to some. They are forces of interstate commerce, and as every parent knows, they are not immortal. They get hurt. They get sick. They should haveinsurance. If that’s the worst thing the nanny state ever does to all of us, I’d say a gracious thanks,”

Currently Estrich is working as a law professor in University of Southern California Law School (USC). Based on her words, fighting for social welfare is one thing that she has passionate on. Susan Estrich gradudated in 1974 from Wellesley College. She attended Harvard Law School and achieve the J.D in 1977. She started her law career as the law clerk by working with Judge J. Skelly Wright.

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