Tiger Woods Divorce: Elin Woods Reportedly Wants $750 Million

Elin Woods, Tiger Woods’ wife is reportedly trying to get her hands on $750 million for their divorce. That sum of money might be too large for Tiger as Forbes estimated that his net worth only $600 million.

Tiger reportedly hasn’t agreed to any number, but when he does, he wants Elin total silence to media about anything on their life to the media. Nordegren said that no signing a lifetime “confidentiality clause” which could prevent her from writing a book or telling stories about the divorce.

She also reportedly to want full custody of their two young children. Surprisingly though, as the couple was first going to agree to joint custody. Elin would move to Sweden after the divorce, but Tiger would be in Florida. Sources said that the couple is no longer speaks to each other during the divorce.

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Posted by on May 25, 2010

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