Tiger Woods’ Marriage is Not Over

Tiger Woods’ marriage is not over yet, according to new reports and looks like his wife, Elin might not filed for divorce anytime soon. Maybe he realized that he was going to lose everything if he fought over his wife, as Elin Woods recently threatened to take their children away from him and move back to Sweden permanently.

The golfer’s marriage is “definitely not over,” a source says
“Elin could have filed for divorce already but she hasn’t,” the source added.
“Of course, she has not indicated definitively that she planning on staying with Tiger, but what’s happening now is crucially important.”

Tiger is now in sex addiction rehab in Mississippi, while Elin is not wearing her wedding ring anymore she has canceled her plans to divorce after Tiger promised to make things work out for them.

When Tiger’s affair with Rachel Uchitel was published by the National Enquirer, he was linked to many mistresses which was then his secret life was exposed to the public.

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