Tika Putri Biography

Name: Tika Putri
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: Bandung, 01 November 1989
School: Universitas Bina Nusantara

Atika Putri or Tika Putri began her career by an accident actually, because she just came with her friend for a movie casting. Eventhough she is new to entertainment business, but it seems the Entertainment world is not new anymore for her, because she has been into art since a child. Tika Putri can dance, whether it’s modern dance or salsa.

Although she is new to movie acting, Tika Putri has been an actress on several movies, such as PEREMPUAN BERKALUNG SORBAN, KETIKA CINTA BERTASBIH, TRAGEDI KALI CODE dan OH.. MY GOD. Besides movies, Tika Putri also act on TV drama YASMIN and TV COFEE BEEN SHOW. Her newest movie, SI JAGO MERAH was released November 2008.

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