Tila Tequila Blogpost to Haters: You’re Just Jealous

Tila Tequila, who is Johnson’s fiancee spent the last week after Casey Johnson passed away on January 4, made a shocking blogpost to haters. It was because many people accused her for exploiting Johnson’s death in the name of publicity.

Her latest blog entry tells more:

I didn’t ask for this, but I guess it comes with the territory, and as for the people constantly talking shit about me, calling me names, you know what? You’re just the jealous ones who have nothing better to do with your lives. I may have grown up from a poor family, but at least one thing they taught me was hard work, manners, and treating others the way you want to be treated. I love people, I love my fans, and I am an all around pretty much an old fashioned Southern Gal from Texas. This blog isn’t really about nothing important, but I figure it would be a nice break to stop blogging about “NEGATIVE PEOPLE” and let u all in on my world for a second.

Well, not all people are on the negative area, according to this girl.

Some paparazzi’s can be really nice
Like the ones who showed up at my house and that’s why I let them take pics of me and was being nice back.

Remember Tila Tequila sexy photo shoot? It’s like a message saying, “Be nice to me and I’ll pose hot for you”. Otherwise, you’re just jealous.

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