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Tila Tequila full episodes of A Shot at Love is a reality show with a theme on bisexual thing, focused on dating similar to The Bachelor. The American reality television show was hosted by Tila Tequila and showing 16 straight males and 16 lesbian female contestants. They competed for Tequila’s heart in Tequila’s house. Strangely, no contestants were aware of Tequila bisexuality until the end of the first episode. There are 10 episodes and two special episodes during the show. A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila full episodes has also been released on DVD entitled The Complete Uncensored First Season on April 15, 2008. Unfortunately, the DVD doesn’t contain the special episode “One Shot Too Many”. This DVD is a good thing to have because it also comes with some deleted scenes and extended series of show.

The show is no doubt has made Tila Tequila famous on the internet. It was an article on The Christian Post that started the flame and she wrote her response in her blog criticizing churches. Gossips were spreading on Tequila had a straight boyfriend. But she denied it immediately by saying:

First of all, let me just say that whomever they are getting their ‘sources’ from needs to be fired real fast! I find it absolutely absurd that they would even make such an ignorant statement such as ‘She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all.’ … That is such an absurd stereotype to place on all women and it just shows people how ignorant people can be!

Another suspicious details about her bisexuality is based on the winning contestant of the season, Bobby Banhart who posted a message on MySpace,

“She never called me after the last show and no one would give me her number.”

Her reason breaking up? Because they only talked on the phone, not physically and also he couldn’t stand of all the publicity he had. Not very surprising, she came out as a lesbian and then saying that she wanted to pick Dani but the producers made her pick Bobby. Watch Tila Tequila full episodes on A Shot of Love 2 at http://www.mtv.com/shows/tila_tequila/season_2/series.jhtml

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