Tila Tequila is Pregnant?

Tila Tequila is pregnant! Another shocking news come from her Twitter, while many people accused Tequila from just making up this news to gain publicity exposure after her fiancee passed away.

Tila Tequila Tweets

Here goes some of Tila Tequila Tweets:

  • Thank u everyone for your kind words. I am off to bedrest again now. I have let go of all anger inside of me. It feels so good! TTYL! xoxo
  • My Wife has passed away and all I have left is the baby. I wish mean people can just respect the dead and respect a new life growing inside!
  • The doctor i visited says that all this stress and negative people around me getting me upset, can affect the baby in a bad way. Pls stop.
  • Yes I promised myself and my wifey that we WILL NOT discuss anymore thing about this. SO with that said. I have AMAZING NEWS 2 SHARE W/U!!!
  • I just want to go back to the way things were. Let me mourn my wife in private. I want to talk about the FUN things that I wanted 2 tell u!
  • As for me, I am so tired. I have no energy to defend my wife anymore. I faint, Im tired & this is not good for my baby. Leave us alone pleas
  • & for the haters. Please stop. Enough with this vile vindictive behavior. Respect my Wife please. She is dead. Let her rest in peace please!
  • My only wish is 4 all the negative people to leave me alone please. I dnt want to talk to media, I dnt want 2 deal w/haters. Leave me alone.
  • I love my wife and will always forever. I’m not doing a press tour like those other people “AHEM” we know who they are. Gross! Whatever.
  • Those disgusting people who talk shit about my wife are upsetting God right now, and that is who she’s with. I’m taking the high road now.

Well, one thing for sure: this hot babe surely knows how to use Twitter and Blogs to gain more haters…ahem…followers and news reporters lurking for new hot gossips. Let’s see how it goes, is Tila Tequila really pregnant or not.

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