Tila Tequila Looking For Next Baby Daddy

Tila Tequila has returned to Twitter. Not just that, she is also returning to men. Does this mean she’s not a lesbian anymore? She told her fans that recently she is sleeping with her baby daddy. Not sure who he is, but according to rumors, it was The Game.

But poor Tila, he denied that he impregnant Tila. Last Twitter also suggests that she is looking for a man, to get laid with? Or to make her pregnant?

* Anyway, even tho I’m already preggers, It’s time for more baby making time tonight! Oh boy! I can’t wait! Been a while!!!!!!! LMAO! shhh!
* My baby daddy, is here eating all of Mommy and baby’s food!!!! Ol lazy assss! LOL
* MY BD just left….we have a funny joke. I’m like “JUST CUZ U MY BABBY DADDY DONT MAKE U MY BOO!” lol
* I think my babby daddy is falling in love with me…..I told him that he bet not do that cuz I dont wana hurt him….
* But Imma tell u a little secret, I’m falling for my babby daddy too! DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM! And the Saga continues…it aint spose 2 b this way
* and YES Im still a lesbian but, I give my baby daddy that exception. I want to love the father of my child at least so the baby is loved too
* Any men out there who would like to be my next baby daddy?? This is quite addicting!

Addicting, oh yeah sure. Wait in line guys, you surely want to get your hands off this sexy gal. She’s not pregnant so she might be somewhere soon (or not). Who knows?

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Posted by on February 6, 2010

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