Tila Tequila Records, Coming Soon!

Tila Tequila has been very busy promoting herself on the Internet lately by Tweeting and blogging. After the announcement of possible pregnant, she’s now making an announcement on her official blog that she’s going to release her own record label (also coming soon like her “possible pregnant”). Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

I am EXTREMELY excited to announce that now have my very own RECORD LABEL!!!!!!! It’s just called “TILA TEQUILA RECORDS” because that name is trademarked already so I might as well use it for the Record Label too! For a long time I have been trying to get this up and going since the beginning of this year and now it’s FINALLY DONE!!!!!!! IT is OFFICIAL! Tila Tequila has her own record label “TILA TEQUILA RECORDS!”

Tila also lists a few reason why you should choose her label over any labels out there:

  • About 90% of  new artists that signed at a “Major Record Label” is going to end up broke because the album will never be released and/or promoted.
  • Tila, will INSTANTLY give you overnight fame (no wonder…)
  • No commission is taken from your record sales
  • Tequila is “a young, hot, sexy biatch who is relentless and passionate in what she does!”
  • Artists under Tila’s label will accompany her on tours around the world and receive free first class trips. She will set them up with personalized merchandise and YouTube channels that make money.

Too good to be true? What are you waiting for, she’s just a website away!

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