Tila Tequila Retires Being a Star

Tila Tequila retires being a star! Recently she was interviewed with Radar Online and said that the retirement is near.

“With so much going on in my life right now and being pregnant, I’m retiring from being a star in Hollywood,” she said. “Yes, I have seriously retired.”

She said that the retirement because of her fake pregnant.

“I never said I had a miscarriage,” Tila said, referring to her most recently contrived tale of woe. “I wasn’t feeling good and having stomach pains, but I didn’t have a miscarriage.”

But than she made up a story about being 15 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage. The proof below is a reply for an email from someone pretending to be a photographer and she said that she had to cancel a photo session because she was pregnant.

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