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Tommy Lynn Sells, American serial killer today confessed to the murder of Katy Harris and slashing the throat of Krystal Surles. The murder took place in Texas 1999, when 10-year-old Krystal Surles throat was cut after caught watching her friends murder. Her will of life brought the serial killer to the justice.

Kaylene Harris was fatally stabbed 16 times , and Krystal Surles throat cut. She would survive to later give the police a description using a sketch, which would assist in his apprehension.

Sells was 16 year old when he committed his first murder. After that, numerous murders are suspected. Sells also suspected the murder of Ena Cordt in 1985, Suzanne Krocz and Dardeen Family in 1987, and a co-worker in 1998 in Texas. Tommy Lynn Sells claims to have killed more than 70 people when he was interviewed with Columbia University forensic psychiatrist.

Sells with his twin sister Tammy Jean at 18 months old contracted meningitis. While her sister died from the inflammation, Sells survived.

Up until his confession today he was serving a death row sentence in Livingston, Texas.

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