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Name : Mirasih Tyas Endah
Actress name : Tyas Mirasih
Sex : Female
Date of birth : 8 April 1987
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesian
Mother name : Hedy Elias
Father name : Surman Widiatmo

Tyas Mirasih began her career on beauty pageon. She was one of Cover Girls 2002. She was very famous after her career on video clip models. Beside her appereance on opera soup and video clip, Tyas also famous because of her love story with the musicians of the country, such as Lembu Club Eighties, Raffi BBB, Bams Samsons, and Tria Changcuters.

Tyas Mirasih always shows her sexy body when she came to a party. Sexy dresses has always been her must-wear costumes on parties. Here are some pictures of Tyas Mirasih party photos for you. Please enjoy Tyas Mirasih pictures below.

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