Tyas Mirasih Hot Photos with Her Boyfriends

Tyas Mirasih began her love story with LembuClubeighties“. Not for long, she finally found another actor as her new boyfriend, Raffi Ahmad. Tyas Mirasih and Raffi Ahmad photos on the beach was made popular by the media on the internet.

It seemed Bams Samsons and Tyas Mirasih couldn’t hide their love story anymore. Their hot kiss on the backstage before Samsons sing their songs was revealed by the media. That made people believed that Tyas was the third person who made Bams dump the beautiful Nia Ramadani.

The new boyfriend in Tyas love story is Mohammad Tria Ramadhani. He is a singer on a grup band called The Changcuters. But there are no hot photos about them. Maybe not yet.

Gallery Tyas Mirasih Hot Photos with Her Boyfriends - Tias Mirasih

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Posted by on January 29, 2009

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