Victoria Beckham New Breast

Victoria Beckham began to appear before the public with a new look. Now, she appears with the latest breast appearance after surgery to reduce the size of the breast. Months ago, the wife of gridiron star David Beckham is the third time for the operation. This time, she reduced the size of her breast DD become smaller, 34B.

Since the operation, personnel of former Spice Girls to appear this rileks. She was the recovery process from operating in the Riviera, France, along with Beckham and the third son.

Last week revealed how she’d like to order a new look himself more visible as the mother rather than the assistant women’s football stars. He wanted to show a role as the mother of Brooklyn (10), Romeo (6), and Cruz (4).

After undergoing surgery, Victoria had come to the UK to manage its business. Then, he was flying to France to restore the perfect condition.

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