Vierra Band Personnel

Vierra Band Personnel :

Kevin is the the founder of the Andante Band and than changed to be VIERRA Band in 2008. He is the head of Vierra Band. His position on Keyboard and vocal.

In the vocal Widy there, third year high school students Bakti Mulya 400. Her vokal so soft and sweet and bring elements of the dominant pop.

  • Raka Cyril Damar

Guitarist who is also helping in aransement is RAKA Cyril, who is also a lecture on the UPH force in 2007, the same as Kevin.

  • Satrianda Widjanarko

Satrianda or called Tryan is on Drummer Position. He was Universitas Indonesia student Political Science faculty, who provide the name and VIERRA also aransement many songs Vierra.

Vierra Band also assisted by bassist unique style of play and advanced on bassist called Derry.

Gallery Vierra Band Personnel - Biodata Raka Vierra

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