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Mike Zimmer found his wife Vikki Zimmer dead late Thursday night at 50 years old. Mike Zimmer is the Cincinnati Bengals Defensive coordinator who had married for 27 years. They have 3 kids: a son and two daughters.

Despite his wife death, Mike successfully coached the team against the Ravens with winning score 17-14. Currently the Bengals are leading the AFC North division by (4–1).

In a press conference Marvin Lewis, the head coach of Cincinnati Bengals said.

“She’s up there now in heaven smiling at you. Win or lose, she loved these guys. I was in their house on Thursday afternoon, and there were Post-It notes all around and treats for the players.”

Lewis added.

“And I reminded those guys of that Friday morning. I said that they were always on her mind,”

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Posted by on October 13, 2009

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