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Here’s Vixen Band pics just for you. Vixen Band is an American hard rock band consists of women which popular in music industry in the eighties and early 1990s. This band is all-female rock band, meaning there is no boys playing musical instrument there.

Vixen was founded by Jan Kuehnemund (the guitarist) in St. paul, Minnesota in 1980. This band is formed while in high school. Four years after it was formed, Kuehnemund, Janet Gardner (singer) and Pia Maiocco (bassist) appeared in a movie called Hardbodies as the opening band Diaper Rash. They became popular and moved to Los Angeles, California to be involved in LA rock scene.

Vixen band members changed many times, and the result was the classic lineup: Janet Gardner as the lead vocals and rhythm guitar, while Jan Kuehnemund as the lead guitar, Percentage Pedersen trusted in bass, and also Roxy Petrucci as the drummer.

Vixen band started their debut album, called Vixen in 1988. The famous singer and songwriter Richard Marx not only wrote and arranged their hit single, “Fringe of a Broken Heart” but also performing keyboards and producing the song. Gossips started to rise that they produced their first hit to compete with the Bangles, their all-female band competitor.

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